Monday, November 2, 2009

November 6th permaculture presentation

Friday November 6th Fairfield Gonzales Community Association in coalition with the Street Life Commitee hosted their weekly Friday night coffee houses. This week the topic up for discussion was Permaculture. Tamara and BeeJay presented a great overview on the principles of Permaculture followed a group discussion on the topic.
Thanks for the inspiration!

On-going Outreach

October 21st

The Canvassing team is currently working on talking to all neighbours in proximity to Porter Park to inform and hear ideas and concerns regarding the Garden Initiative.

To help with canvassing please email

Thus far the feedback from neighbours has been both positive and cooperative. Feedback packages include the survey, pamphlet and email list as well as information on Moss Village Initiative.

Moss Street Market

Moss Street Market October 10th Booth was a sucess.

Many surveys were filled out and supporters and enthusiasts were found. Yea!

Some of the outreach included an interactive survey.

More photos of this to come....