Friday, July 16, 2010

design for cob bench:

Here are the designs for the cob bench structure that we're looking at for seating space in the gardens.

Cob building is a traditional European technique of building. It is being revived by cultures all over the world due to its universal availability, accessibility, modifiability, insulation value, structural strength, health benefits, and appealing aesthetic.

The materials that comprise cob are sand, clay, and fibre; in North America, the fibre is typically straw. Cob structures have endured for hundreds of years with minimal maintenance as long as they have a good foundation and appropriate roof overhang. Archeologists have discovered earthen buildings on every continent with the oldest dating to 10,000 years ago.

The cob bench design for the Fairfield Community Gardens incorporates wheelchair accessibility, pamphlet holders, a map board, community posting area, and seating for ten. The community can come together with their personal material offerings to take part in the artistic creation inciting a sense of collective belonging.

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