Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Well Do You Know Fairfield?

painting by Robert Amos

At our recent Community Consultation meeting we were surprised to realize that most of us don't know that much about our own neighbourhood. So we gathered a few facts & figures about Fairfield. What else can you tell us about the hood?

Population of Fairfield/Gonzales: 14,895
Percentage of total Victoria City population: 11%
Number of single-family residences: 1,915
Number of townhouses & duplexes: 1,155
Number of apartment units: 5,245
Boundaries of Fairfield/Gonzales*:
• West: Blanchard down to Beacon Hill Park, then halfway through the park.
• North: Fort to Linden, then down to Richardson to Richmond, then back up to Fort
• East: Foul Bay
• South: The Ocean
Number of baseball diamonds: 8
Number of soccer pitches: 5
Number of parks: 10+
Number of Community Gardens: Zero

* Or, as the FCA Constitution puts it:
The boundaries of the Fairfield Gonzales Community Area are: starting where Foul Bay Road touches Gonzales Bay then following along the border between the City of Victoria and the Municipality of Oak Bay to Oak Bay Avenue; then westward along Oak Bay Avenue to Richmond Avenue; then southward along Richmond Avenue to Richardson Street; then westward on Richardson Street to Linden Avenue; then northward on Linden Avenue to Fort Street; then westward on Fort Street to Cook Street; then southward on Cook Street to Meares Street; then westward on Meares Street to Quadra Street; then northward on Quadra Street to Fort Street; then westward on Fort Street to the boundary between 819-823 and 817 Fort Street; then westward to the south end of that property; then westward to Blanshard Street; then southward on Blanshard Street to Southgate Street; then eastward on Southgate Street to Quadra Street; then southward on Quadra Street to Arbutus Way; then to Bridge Way; then eastward on Bridge Way to Chestnut Row; then southward on Chestnut Row to Circle Drive; then eastward around Circle Drive to Camos Circle; then southward to the water of Juan de Fuca Strait.

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