Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mushrooms 101

Photo courtesy of Cannor Nurseries.

Cannor Nursery in Royal Oak has what sounds like a good event this weekend. On Sun. Feb. 6th @ 10:30, Gary Hagel will be talking about growing and harvesting mushrooms. There were so many mushrooms in the woods this winter and I found myself wishing I knew more about them. So here's a chance to learn a bit more.

He will demonstrate the use of a mushroom kit and discuss some the local mushrooms found in Victoria and around the rest of British Columbia!
They say to call 250.658.5415 or e-mail cannorclub@cannorvictoria.com to register. The event is at 4660 Elk Lake Drive.

update: Here's a great overview of the workshop by Rhona McAdam's wonderful blog, Really Random Garden.

-Fiona Gilsenan

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