Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Fancy chicken photo from Murray McMurray website.

Everybody wants chickens. I know I do. And I've seen a few coops in Fairfield. Are you wondering whether keeping chickens is legal in Victoria? According to the Victoria Animal Control Services Inc. (which may be the ugliest website ever)...

Farm Animals are prohibited with the exception of chickens, ducks & geese.   These fowl can only be kept as pets or for personal egg consumption.   Eggs cannot be sold or advertised for sale.   Excessive numbers of fowl will bring into question intended use.   Roosters are prohibited.   If you are thinking about keeping chickens call us and we will tell you the issues and potential problems to avoid.   Potbellied pigs are considered Farm Animals regardless of where they are kept (indoors or outdoors).
So that seems clear. Fortunately, the city of Victoria doesn't mind if we keep chickens. Tempted? To find out everything you ever needed to know about poultry, visit the Murray McMurray hatchery website.

Now, how about chickens in Community Gardens?

-Fiona Gilsenan

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