Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Fairfield Community Gardens Timeline

Timeline for 2012 Community Gardens! Check it out and let us know what you think.

2012 Fairfield Community Gardens Timeline:

January 2012
finalizing changes for the proposal to parks and the city of Victoria.

Changes include implementation of the gardens in a phase aproach. Phases will be presented separately. 

·  Phase one includes the commons area.
·  Phase two inludes the allotment portion of the gardens.
·  Phase three possible expansion of the site, or creation of community spaces within the gardens.

February 2012
Submission of Phase 1 proposal for commons gardens in Robert Porter Park

March 2012
*Pending approval
preparation of the site: soil preparation, water access preparation, planting of select perennials etc.

April-May 2012
planting of other annuals, and further perennials
installation of temporary protection for small perennials (fencing)

May 2012
working water line installed

Summer 2012
Further outreach and publicity of garden
Maintenance of garden area

Fall 2012
harvesting of any planted annuals (ideally in coordination with fairfield Fall Fair)

Winter 2012
Completing further consultation and adjustments to allotment plans. 
Further development of allotment garden plans.
Exploring funding possibilities for Phase two of the project. 

Recruiting for the community gardens group will be ongoing throughout the year, especially during the summer season.

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