Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Design Session

Come on down to the Fairfield Community Center to help design the propsed gardens on Thursday April 22nd at 6 PM, in the meeting room.

All are welcome, experience an asset but not necessary, bring your inspiration and enthusiasm!

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  1. The meeting was great, in attendance were: Anne, Bejay, Anna, Chloe and Erika. Here are some of the ideas that came out of it all:
    -doing the proposal in phases: phase 1 is the commons, phase 2 is the allotments.
    -Permaculture principles is a desired
    - Robert Porter park is a site for blue bird nesting; take this into account when designing gardens
    -Water needs to be included into the budget
    -Soil could need up to 10 yards, soil is good under grass
    -Tools included in budget
    -Include shed, perhaps in phase 2, or part B of phase 1.
    -Compost: 350 $ to budget, with a lock? or just a lid.
    -Garden can be dedicated to people and other things as a way to increase it's value and importance
    -Moss street market outreach can include an interactive designing process.
    -Some plants we talked about:
    kiwis, on a trellis, perhaps with raspberries
    walnut tree with mulberry tree, good source of food/ protein
    Blueberries, Salal, Lavender and other herbs, Jerusalem artichoke, annuals in a bed of their own
    -Anna will talk with a friend of hers about costs associated with a trellis.
    -Use the trellis as fencing or to deter deer and dogs.
    -Before the next session folks should write their ideas down and then we can integrate them all.
    -Bejay has a design he and Tamara already made, he will forward it to us and we'll look at it at the next meeting.