Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking for Allies!!!

Currently the Food Security Committee of the Fairfield-Gonzales Community Association is pursuing funds to establish a community garden in Robert Porter Park. The gardens will be established in phases and will include mixture of native plants, edible vegetables, a commons, allotment gardens, medicinal plants and small trees.

The project is intended to offer the Fairfield-Gonzales community the many benefits attributed to community gardens: offering a sustainable food source, gardening space, and mentoring & educational opportunities to prospective gardeners. Additionally the gardens are intended to be a place of joint stewardship of public spaces, while creating a meeting place, and contributing to active & healthy lifestyles. The project also intends on maintaining the integrity of the garden space by respecting the current layout of the land, and planting native plants in areas that may be more vulnerable. As well the project is designed to enhance the environment and align with the various restorations areas that are in the area. The gardens also intend on being a tool for community building and strengthening, as well as a place where people can gather and engage with the earth in a meaningful way.

At this point we are looking at establishing community partnerships with other organizations in and around Victoria. These partnerships can take in many different forms be it through joint planning of educational opportunities such as workshops etc, or helping with promotion of work parties, or recruiting volunteers. As well we are looking for donations in kind of supplies and time, as well as food security allies.

Do let us know if your organization would be interested in partnering with us to support this initiative,

Thank you for your time,

Fairfield Community Gardens

Fairfield Gonzales Food Security Committee - Street Life Committee - Fairfield-Gonzales Community Association

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  1. Here is a comment from Patti from the Vic West Food security group, she forwarded to our email as she couldn't put it up, so here it is now...

    Hi Chloe and Fairfield Garden Group,

    glad to hear the enthusiasm is still high. Building your support group and partners is very important, good luck with your outreach. Including allotments in the garden design is key to building the ownership that will sustain the project...and remember you don't have to build them all in the beginning, design the space for expansion as the need/interest grows.

    Your Collective friend,