Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community Mapping

The Fernwood Community Mapping Project is holding some Open Houses over the weekend. They're looking for input into their project, which will be both a paper and an online map. They want to know what Fernwood residents want to see on their Community Map. Here's what they have to say,

What would you like to see on our map? Where are your favorite places? Tell us your Fernwood stories and secrets! What should we tell the world about us? Help us build a beautiful community map!
The vent is at the FCA Gallery, 1923 Fernwood Rd. on Friday April 1 @ 7-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 11-4 pm. I'll be going to see whether this is an initiative that we could also do in Fairfield (I think it is).

Here is some background on the Fernwood Green Map initiative from the UVIC website.

More about Green Maps here.

-Fiona Gilsenan

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