Saturday, June 26, 2010

Community Input

Here are the suggestions and concerns we have received from our Community Consultations to date.

Ideas and Visions:

• permaculture principles incorporated into the design of the gardens
• getting schools involved; having a children’s garden area; garden as an educational tool; involvement of local youth and children
• cob: shed (although storage facilities are available with the Community Centre, bench, combine art with garden needs
• creative fencing ideas; trellises as fences; artwork in gardens
• rain catchment barrels
• compost area, suitable for workshops
• vegetables; common veggies patch
• herb garden section (specific pants mentioned: nettles, hops, lavender…)
• native plants mixed with edibles
• miniature varieties
• Fruiting plants: kiwi, goji, korean pinenuts (2),cherries, apples, pear, blueberries, mulberries, black cap raspberries, trailing blackberries, salal, peach
• Nut trees: edible chestnuts, hazelnut, walnut


• maintenance/upkeep
• who owns what? Who takes car of tools?
• is there enough space for allotments?
• protecting and promoting the native ecosystem
• Garry Oak restoration areas
• the park is a potential site for blue bird nesting, although none have done so yet
• the park is a dog walking/running park, neighbours expressed concerns regarding being able to continue running their dogs up and down the park.
• public park used for private means; allotments on park lands
• shallow soil in some areas of the park
• use of park by school children
• vandalism by youth in hang out in the area
• deer and dogs
• aesthetic of the gardens
• access to water


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