Friday, June 25, 2010

Design for Community Gardens

Here are some of the ideas that were discussed at the design session for the community gardens. Above is a site plan for the area we're looking at in the park:

• permaculture planting along Thurlow St.: fill in the tree line with a row of nut trees, followed by a row of smaller fruit trees, followed by a layer of bushes and a ground layer.
• neighbour's sight lines can be respected by pruning the tree limbs high.
• commons would create a 'sun trap' for the allotments
• allotments would be placed in the centre of that portion of the park
• 6-10 allotments, with the possibility of expanding the number
• fencing is still under discussion; there is a possibility of some boundaries being established by food-bearing plants and some area that will be fenced
• seating and meeting area(s) will be incorporated in the design

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