Friday, June 11, 2010

Potential Ideas!

Community members and garden enthusiasts met last Wednesday to take a walk around the proposed site in Robert Porter Park and look at design ideas. The group discussed a commons area complete with nut trees, dwarf fruit trees, shrubs, and herbs, as well as an allotment area. We discussed creating meeting spaces with cob benches and tables, and well as native berries located on the edge of the garden transitioning from the gardens to the nearby Garry Oak ecosystem.

The site we looked at is where the Halloween Bonfire is current held. Putting in the gardens in this area would require re-locating the bonfire or looking at how the Place wants to run this event.

The design consultation process will be ongoing. Any ideas, interest or concerns can be directed to

Big thanks to Geoff Johnson for leading the group, and James Pratt for facilitating.
Thanks to all those who showed up!

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